Wednesday, March 26, 2014

New Start

Story continues here

Another new start. I bet everyone is annoyed that I'm starting over again but it's a new part of the story and I think that needs a new start. Just like how a book series works.

No worries though, it will continue from All That Really Matters, you'll hardly notice a difference.
Another new start. I bet everyone is annoyed that I'm starting over again but it's a new part of the story and I think that needs a new start. Just like how a book series works.

No worries though, it will continue from All That Really Matters, you'll hardly notice a difference.

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Chapter Seventy-five

"Back to reality." Richie sighed as they left the beach house. They were going home after their week in Hawaii.
"Back to work." Sarah sighed.
"Only for a little bit." Richie shrugged. "Three weeks this time."

The airport was another challenge for them with their small child. Just like last time, Daniel didn't like it one bit. It was too busy and too noisy.

Once on the plane, Daniel relaxed. He sat in his car seat and was perfectly happy there as long as he got to have his stuffed sheep close and one of his parents. Even at six months old, he knew who was around him and who wasn't. Daniel sat between his parents while the other five children sat alone.

"Is Ava going back to her mom when you go back on tour?" Sarah asked. She didn't want to seem like she wanted Ava to leave but she was still worried about what had happened at her mother's house.
"I hope so. I really hope Heather fixed it."
"What happened?" Sarah asked, she had asked a few times but Richie hadn't told her.
He sighed. "Ava doesn't want me telling anybody."
Sarah nodded. "I know but I'm worried. I keep imagining what could have happened. Is it something I went through? I'd feel terrible if it was something like that."
Richie sighed again as he should his head. "Maybe, sort of."
"What happened."
He looked around the cabin, spotting where Ava was sitting with her friend. "Don't tell anyone, okay?"
"Of course not." Sarah agreed.
"Heather has a new boyfriend, I hope she broke up with him by now."
"Did he do anything to Ava?" Sarah asked immediately, wanting to know now before he got to explain everything.
"Not really but still. Ava says he looks at her funny and when they watch tv all together, he sits too close or he touches her. Like when we watch tv and I put my arm around you or stroke your back or something and it freaked her out. Which is totally acceptable cause no guy should be touching my girl like that or any girl like that if they don't want it."
"Does Heather know that's what happened?"
Richie nodded. "Yeah, she didn't believe it first." He sighed. "I can't believe I wasn't there for her when she needed me for this. This must have been why she didn't want me to go on tour."

"She's alright." Sarah reminded him. "She was her happy self the whole time she was at home."
"Yeah." He knew that but that didn't make it easier.
"If Daniel wasn't between us, I'd hug you."

At home they went straight back to the hussle and bussle of every day life.
Sarah figured out which chapters of her text books she would study during the next week. There were three days before Richie was leaving on Tuesday. She had left her studies for the time he was home. She had missed her husband while he was gone and had enjoyed each second of him while he was at home, some seconds more physical than others. It was just good to have him back.

When she heard Daniel cough violently and repeatedly, she left her planning for what it was to check on her son.
Richie had heard the sound too and had also come to his son's aide.

"That's getting more frequent. His first cold and it gets so bad." He said, feeling petty for his little boy.
Sarah smiled when Daniel caught his breath. "Over." She announced. "Just have to make sure he drinks and eats well."
"But he doesn't, he doesn't like his solid food." Richie said, now worried his son wasn't eating enough.
"That's why I still breastfeed him afterwards. Noah was just the same, don't worry about it." Gently she put her arms around her husband. A perfect little moment of his closeness.

The feeling of his wife hugging him, was there anything better in the world. This was where he wanted to be forever, with Sarah, close, in her arms. He gently kissed her. "I love you." He said before he kissed her again.

He pulled back from the kiss but didn't let Sarah go to look at the entry way where his beautiful daughter stood with a piece of paper. He frowned.
"Sorry, didn't mean to interrupt but I just found a letter from school." Ava explained.
"About?" Richie asked confused.
"About shots." She looked down to read the letter again. "Whooping cough, or something, was diagnosed by a couple of students and they tell parents to check their kids's immunity to it to prevent it from spreading."
"Ah." He didn't have a clue. "Guess we'll have to ask your mom if she knows."
"Don't you know? I don't want to get that."
"You'll be fine." Richie assured her. "So since you just found that, think you'll find last minute homework too?"
Ava smiled knowingly. "Maybe." She turned around and walked away.

Richie turned back to his wife. "Where were we?" He asked.
"Right in front of Daniel."
"I think he's really tired and wants to go to bed early."
"Do you?"
"He'll understand when he's older." He kissed her tenderly again.

Monday, February 10, 2014

Chapter Seventy-four

Richie laughed as he watched Noah lose balance on his surfboard and fell into the water.

They had been trying to surf for a while now but neither of them had stayed on their surfboard long enough to count it as real surfing.

Noah grabbed his board and swam over to Richie.

"This sucks." He complained.
"Why? It's fun." Richie disagreed.
"But I keep falling off the board."
"Everyone on the beach is probably laughing."
"What does that matter?" Richie asked.
"I don't want to be laughed at, makes me feel like an idiot."
"Were you having fun trying to surf?"
Noah shrugged. "Sorta, I guess."
"So what does it matter what other people think? Come on, I'll go with you."

Richie grabbed his own board and started swimming into the ocean, making sure Noah was following.

"Ready to try again?" He climbed on top of his board, sitting astride it.
"Yeah sure." Noah agreed and climbed onto his own board, standing up.

Richie followed his example and tried to keep his balanced as a wave caught them.

He watched Noah who was ahead of him, he was still on the wave. It amazed him but it seemed like Noah had finally done it. The closer to the shore Noah got, the happier Richie was, misplacing his foot, he fell into the water but surfaced right in time to see Noah get all the way to the shore. He cheered, making everyone look at him.

"That was great." He said when he caught up with Noah.
"Yeah." Noah agreed, a bright smile on his face.
"Wanna go again?" Richie asked, sure Noah finally had found the fun in it.
Noah shrugged again. "Not really."
"Wanna go back to the house and read your book?"
"Yes." Noah answered a lot happier.
"So what is your book about?" Richie asked as they got out of the water.

Noah started explaining the whole series he was reading and had been reading for years. Their way home wasn't long enough to finish his explanation but when they walked into the house, he stopped talking.

Richie went to put their beach stuff away before he noticed Noah's silent retreat to the living room. Sarah and Daniel were watching tv and as a good husband, he kissed his wife.

"How's Danny?"
Sarah shrugged. "He won't sleep. I still think it his cold. I don't get why the doctor didn't prescribe anything. He obviously needs it."
He didn't know an answer. "He'll get better but yes, we should have been able to at least give him something to help him sleep. If it gets any worse we can find a doctor here."
Sarah hugged her little boy. "Just want him to get better."

After a while, Richie turned back to Noah. "Then what happened?"

The story Noah was telling him had caught his intrest. Not so much that he would read the seven books but now he wanted to know how it would end. The story was incredible, it had everything a good story needed. Love, drama, action, mystery and fantasy.

"What do you mean?" Noah asked confused. They hadn't talked since they got home.
"The books, what else happens."
"Oh. I don't know."
Richie frowned, knowing Sarah was listening. "How don't you know? You read the books."
"You really want to know?"
"Yes, so what happens next?"

Noah was still confused, nobody asked him about his book. Sometimes his mom and grandmother did but no one really cared. Richie was looking at him, waiting. Did he really care? What did that even matter? He got to talk about his books. Thinking back to where he had let off, he continued to tell the story until the pages he still had to read.

"The rest I still have to read." He confessed.
"Go read," Richie urged him, "I want to know what happens."

Noah took Richie's tease as serious and went upstairs right away.

"Got something to talk about?" Sarah asked after Noah had left.
"I had no idea what incredible stories are in his head." Richie was truly amazed. "Whoever wrote that is a genius."
Sarah chuckled. "You know he's not that social." She reminded him. "And speaking of genius authors, you write amazing songs, try singing one for your son so he can sleep." She moved Daniel from her lap to her husband's.

Richie stood up, holding his son close so Daniel laid his head on his shoulder. Combining Sarah's way of calming him down by soft dancing motions and his singing, he finally got Daniel to sleep.

"Finally." Sarah sighed relieved.
Richie sat down again, sitting close to her. "Every time I hold him, he's heavier or bigger. I can't believe he's almost sitting on his own now."
"Does it make you think back of Ava too?" Sarah asked. She often did the same with her sons.
"Yeah but Ava was a bit later. She was all chubby and cute though. Do you compare Daniel to Noah and Caleb?" He asked back.
"Noah." Sarah said determined. "They have a lot in common. Caleb was like Ava, bit later. Noah sat at 6 months, crawled at 8 and walked at 10. Daniel is just as fast now."

There were a lot more things that resembled Daniel to Noah and just as excited as Noah with his books, she told Richie about baby Noah. Who, just like Daniel, cried whenever a stranger held him and hated the transition to solid foods. Not to forget that the smallest change in routine, habits or surroundings could upset him too. Daniel wasn't even 6 months old but he already knew he wasn't at home now. The first night at the beach house had proven that.

An hour later Noah came back to the living room. "Finished the book." Without waiting for Richie's agreement, he told him the end of the book, including every detail he could think of and not minding when he had to refer to what he had explained earlier.

Friday, February 7, 2014

Chapter Seventy-three

The hot sun was shining on his skin. He could feel the heat penetrate his skin, heating it up and bronzing it.

He could hear his wife chuckling and his son laughing. Slowly he opened his eyes and looked over the beach until he spotted them.

Sarah was sitting on the beach with Daniel between her open legs. They weren't in the water but with every wave the water would come up to Daniel's feet, which made him laugh his adorable laugh.

She looked happy playing with Daniel and for now he wanted to just watch. Sarah still looked gorgeous in her bikini. She always looked gorgeous, that's why he couldn't keep his eyes off or her and why he was so happy to just watch her. He loved how her body swayed as she moved.

He watched her get up, pick Daniel up and walk over to him.

As Sarah came back, Richie sat up in his lounge chair, wanting to hold his son.

Sarah passed Daniel over and Richie sat him in his lap.

"He's so big." He was amazed every time he held his son.
Sarah smiled at him as she sat down. "He's really growing."

Richie turned him around to look at him. The boy was cute, even in his swimming outfit. Match swimshorts and shirt and a hat to protect him from the sun.

"We should probably go back to the house soon. He'll be hungry and then he needs to nap." Sarah suggested. "His cold is getting better but don't want to make it worse by messing up his schedule."

They had been on the beach all morning so Richie didn't mind going back to their beach house. Being out in the sun wasn't so healthy for Daniel anyway. Soon the sun would be even warmer and sunburn would be even more possible.

Quickly he scanned the beach for the other children. They could stay longer if they wanted but they should be informed before they left.

He easily spotted Ava and her friend. More difficult was getting their attention. There was too much noise and distance for them to hear so they decided on the frantic wave until Ava noticed.

A little while later they were back at the beach house. Richie took Daniel as Sarah went to make lunch.

Carrying Daniel, he walked passed the family room, noticing Noah still on the couch where they had left him in the morning. Instead of going upstairs to change, he went to join his son.

"Everything okay?" He asked, again holding Daniel in his lap.
Noah looked up after a few seconds. "Yeah, fine."
"You didn't go to the beach."
He looked out of the large window with ocean view. "No."
"Why not?"
Noah shrugged. "Not really my kind of thing."
"Why didn't you go with Caleb then? You like surfing."
He shrugged again. "Caleb doesn't like when I tag along all the time. It's fine, found a marathon on TV."
"Why don't you take a book to the beach tomorrow?" Richie suggested. "Looking pale, no one will believe you went to Hawaii."
"Who?" Noah asked confused.
"I don't know, your friends, kids in your class."
Noah frowned at him, even more confused. "I don't have friends."
"So come to the beach with me tomorrow then." Richie tried again. "We can go surfing."
Noah shrugged.
"Your mom's making lunch if you want something to eat." Richie gave up and got up with Daniel, continuing his way upstairs.

Daniel was changed quickly and only a little while later the struggle of solid foods started again. The small boy definitely was not a fan.

After lunch, Richie got to spend more time with Daniel. His whole time off of work, Daniel had been his focus.

Taking him back upstairs, to the only room with a baby crib and changing table, he gently laid him down, changed his diaper and picked him up again to hug.

He had no idea how he was going to leave his son again next week.

They had a few more days to spend in Hawaii, just like the days before, he was goig to make the best of it. The rest of the day he'd spend with Daniel and tomorrow he was going surfing with Noah.

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Chapter Seventy-two

The end of the road was finally there.

For now, at least but a two week break was exactly what he needed right now. To be with his beautiful wife and his wonderful children. Spring break would be soon and another family trip to Hawaii was unavoidable.

He was looking forward to it but there was one more show to play.

"Rich." Jon walked into the dressing room without being invited. "After Bed of Roses, you need to sing so I can take a break."
"What?" Richie asked surprised. "Really?"
"Yeah, just sing I'll Be There For You again. You're good at that one."
"Great." Richie agreed.
Jon handed over the a piece of paper with the setlist on. "Here and... well... Sorry about a few weeks ago."
Richie waved it off. "No problem, you were right. I am your guitar player, not the singer."
"Alright. See you on stage then."

An hour to go before the show, he was getting worked up quickly. The show would take at least 2 and a half hours. Tomorrow morning they would all fly home again.

After a few seconds of thinking, he got up from his chair in the dressing room. The past six weeks had been different from other tours. For some reason there was a lot of tension and even though Jon had apologized, Richie didn't believe it.

He walked out of the room and went to knock on Jon's door.

"It's open." Jon said from inside.
Unlike Jon had, Richie had at least waited for an answer. He opened the door and walked in. "What's going on?" Richie asked bluntly.
"What?" Jon asked confused.
"All of this, it's different from what it usually is. We don't hang out, we don't talk it's like we're avoiding each other."
Jon looked at him confused.
"Even before the tour started. Are you mad at me?"
Jon didn't answer, Richie kept staring at him, wanting an answer. Something needed to be explained.
"Well?" He asked again. "Are you?"
"No." Jon finally answered.
To Richie that didn't seem very honest but he took it, it was better than nothing. "So want to hang out? Talk some?"
"Sure." Jon agreed.

Richie took one of the bottles of water that were standing on the coffee table and sat down in a seat.

"So, how's the wife and kids?" Jon opened the conversation.
Richie looked up and frowned. "Daniel's got a cold."
"The first one?"
"Yeah, Sarah's pretty worried about but it's just a cold, you know. Happens all the time."
Jon nodded, agreeing. "Do you have more pictures of him?"
Confused Richie looked at him. Then realized, "right, you haven't even met him yet." He reached for his phone from his jeans pocket and went to the gallery to find Daniel's most recent pictures.

His phone was full of pictures of Daniel. Just Daniel or the boy with every family member. He passed the phone over to Jon.

"He's grown so much." Richie said as Jon was swyping his phone to see all the pictures.
"Yeah, I bet. I can remember Romeo being that little. Can't believe he'll be 9 at the end of the month."

Richie was amazed too. He too could remember Romeo being a baby. Time really went too fast.

"He's cute." Jon passed the phone back. "Poor kid got your looks." He teased.
Richie smiled, he was very proud Daniel looked like him.

Like he had hoped, Daniel's eye had darkened and were now a dark brown. His hair was still short but it was also darker than when he was born.

"Why don't you make a detour tomorrow and come visit us. You could finally meet him." Richie suggested. "You're the only one that hasn't met him yet."
"Good idea." Jon agreed.

The next morning, Richie wasn't flying home alone. For once, he had company. He also had the luxary to fly with Jon's private jet instead of a commercial airline.

"Richie?" Sarah asked from the living room as she heard the front door open although it was hard to hear over Daniel's cries. Who else could it be? She stoof up with Daniel and carried him. By the front door she met Richie and Jon. "Please get him to sleep." She passed Daniel over and took Richie's bag instead. "He hasn't slept all night, he's exhausted."
"I'll get him to sleep." Richie assured her, hugging his son, who finally calmed down.

Sarah finally noticed Jon and walked them both back to the living room.

"Why don't you go get some sleep?" Richie suggested, noticing how tired Sarah looked. If Daniel hadn't slept all night, she hadn't either.
Sarah smiled, so relieved by the idea itself. She kissed her husband. "I'm so glad you're home now." She said honestly. "I missed you."
"I'm home now, don't need to miss me anymore. Go get some sleep."

Daniel didn't slepe but was quiet as he laid with his daddy.

"Wanna hold him?" Richie suggested to Jon.
"Yeah sure." Jon said all too gladly. Who could resist babies?

Richie passed his son over but as soon as Jon was holding him, Daniel started crying all over again.

Jon tried to calm him, patting his back, rocking him but Daniel continued to cry. "Don't think he likes me." Jon said, sounding disappointed.
Then Richie realized. "No, he doesn't like strangers. I completely forgot, he does that every time when someone new holds him. After a few times he gets used to it."
"He knows who's holding him?" Jon asked but moved Daniel back to Richie.
He hugged his son again and he stopped crying. "I guess. He'll get used to it eventually."

After spending the whole day together, Richie was sure he had his best friend back. The tension seemed to have gone and they could finally talk again, simply hang out with each other.

Sunday, February 2, 2014

Chapter Seventy-one

A few days later, his two day trip home proved to not be beneficial for him. Now more than ever he missed home. Those two days had showed him how wonderful being at home was and tody he realized how far away he was from that.

Trying to get distracted, he turned on the radio in his quiet hotel room. Some music would easily cheer up his mood, music always did that and if it didn't, at least it wasn't so quiet.

Sitting down on the bed, a gentle tune started playing. He thought right, it was relaxing.

I'm sending this letter
I'll mail it today
There's so many things I've been wanting to say
Your mom sent some pictures
And my how you've grown
Rock n roll fathers are never at home

The relaxing mood was gone as his mind started realizing the truth in the song. He wanted to tell them all about his day, his shows, how great everything was. Just like the singer's wife, Sarah also sent daily pictures or tried to and Daniel had grown in every single picture. It was true, he was never at home. Right now he hadn't missed that much but looking to the rest of the tour... He wouldn't be home.

I'm writing this letter
I made you a song
I promised your mom that I'd write while I'm gone
You say daddy come home
Well you'll just have to wait
I hope when I get there that it won't be too late

The way Ava used to ask him when he was going to be home for her. The last line touched him most, he hoped he wasn't too late for Ava.

Skylar I just missed your first step today
I have no excuses and nothing to say
I live on a bus with a rock n roll band
I hope when your older that you'll understand

He chuckled, glad he wasn't on a tour bus anymore. With Ava in mind, he was glad that she understood, even at a young age she had already understood. Would Daniel? Did he want to risk missing Daniel's first step in a couple of months?

I'm coming home soon
This tour's almost through
I promise I'll try to spend more time with you
You say daddy come home
You'll just have to wait
I hope when I get there that it won't be too late

Soon, only a few more days. He'll be there for Ava and spend more time with her. Every day she was home, until he figured out what to do.

Now Madison Blue you know I love you too
Not a single day passes that I don't think of you
I'm running on empty and a mountain so high
I can pull out your pictures and look in your eyes

The lyrics reminded him of the photobook in his suitcase. Photos of his family, school pictures, Daniel's first picture. They were all with him.

I long for the day when your old man comes home
It kills me to hear you say daddy don't go
You say daddy come home
You'll just have to wait
I hope when I get there that it won't be too late

He could surive another two days. Two days wasn't much, very soon he'd be home.

Daddy's at work now he's trying to pay bills
Ego's and assholes are part of my deal
I make some money and I have some fun
The tax man he cometh and I'm back to square one

The song made him laugh unlike the rest had. Again they were very true, it was an endless circle. Even if this tour was after, he'd be going back on tour when the next album came out, although he could wait for that. Some time off, is what he needed.

Don't worry 'bout your daddy
You girls be good
Give a kiss to your mother
I sure wish I could
This life has it's moments
I'm not always sad
Take care and I love you
Your rock n roll dad

In a flash, he picked up the phone and called home immediately.

Friday, January 31, 2014

Chapter Seventy

The next day Richie had mixed feelings about being home for a few days.

Mostly because he needed to leave again. He'd rather stay home with his family at the moment. Daniel's doctor appointment had gone smoothly which was reassuring to Sarah. What made him furios was why Ava wasn't staying at her mother's house. He didn't mind she was staying with him but would have liked it like that in a happier way.

After talking to Ava, he had to talk to Heather too. There was no way around that. Ava wasn't going to do it so it became his responsibily. Having promised Ava not to tell the reason, made it hard to explain to Heather why her daughter didn't want to come home but in the end Heather agreed. Ava would stay at home with Sarah until he got back from the tour next week. Only a week left in the tour and they'd have a break.

Other than that he arranged their trip to Hawaii. Daniel would be old enough to play in the water. Toys. They needed toys for him before they left.

He spent the entire day with Daniel, teenagers were at school and Sarah was resting as he had told her to. She deserved a little time off and he simply wanted time with Daniel.

He was having great fun, simply playing peek-a-boo with Daniel but the baby boy wasn't as excited or just wasn't interested.

Then he remembered everything Sarah had told him. Putting Daniel in his playpen so he was safe, Richie quickly left the room.

Once he returned with his guitar and put it down safely, he looked at his baby boy and noticed a cat curled up right next to him while Daniel was trying to move around, the cat didn't mind. Thinking about Daniel's safety, he picked up the cat, stroked it's back and put it down on the floor. It looked at him with a questioning gaze and walked away.

Daniel was still moving around. It was great to see his son roll over to his belly, back to his back seemed more difficult. He was making so much progess. It sucked that he hadn't seen him do it the first time. He wanted to see his son reach all his milestones, rather than hearing about them over the phone.

He sat Daniel down in his chair and sat down on the couch with his guitar. Sarah had said that Daniel liked music, so why not give it a try. He strummed a cord and Daniel looked over at him immediately. The tone had caught his attention.

As he continued to play, the change in Daniel became obvious. He loved it.

So amazed that a baby could enjoy music that much, he continued playing.

Sure, he had hoped one of his children would inherit his love for music but didn't think it would be at such a young age. Ava wasn't interested until she was five or six. Daniel wasn't even close to that. Amazing.

Softly Sarah tapped on the door frame, making Richie looked up at her with a smile.

"He loves it." He said as happily as he was amazed.
Sarah smiled back, happy to see him so happy. "I know. He likes when you dance with him too."
Richie looked back at Daniel. "Does he?"
"Yeah, I put on a nice calm song, hold him and just move around like slow dancing." She explained as she sat down next to her husband. "It relaxes him that way."
"I didn't know he liked it this much."
"Maybe you'll get to teach him to play guitar in a few years."
"Oh yes." Richie said excited. "I can get him one of those little guitars, that'd be the perfect size. Then he could really learn to play. He would love that so much."
"Honey, he's hardly five months old. It'll be a while."
Richie smiled. "I know. I can't wait for that part."

He continued his fatherly duties throughout the day, feeding Daniel, getting him to sleep for naps and playing with him.

It wasn't comparable with what he did on stage because it were two very different things, but it made him just as happy.

In the evening he did ask for Sarah's help. Daniel needed a bath and he wasn't so sure if he could do that on his own.

After getting Daniel to sleep, he dedicated his evening to his other children. Noticing how all of them were growing up too fast but Ava most of all. Now even more than ever, he realized how his little girl wasn't so little anymore or at all.

Once in bed, he snuggled close to Sarah, not believing he had to leave her again the next day, he kissed her lips softly but soon got distracted by the rest of her body. He had missed every inch of her beauty.

His lips covered almost every inch of skin he could kiss while he travelled down to her chest, wrapping his lips around a nipple and gently sucking it.

Sarah gasped in delight as he did and her fingers disappeared into his hair, holding him there.

Richie only moved to get to her other breast, his hand cupping the one he had just left, making sure it would still get attention, he played with her nipple so it stood erect the entire time.

Soon enough he could feel something else starting to stand erect too, lying so close to Sarah he was sure she could feel it too.

Richie was right and Sarah's hand snaked down between them, wrapping around his semi-hard cock, playing him until he stood up straight.

"I love you." He said as he rolled her to her back and moved above her, getting in place.
"I love you too."

With that he carefully moved inside her until he was fully within her walls, already she tensed around him. He thrusted slowly, feeling her tremble with every stroke he made.

Sarah tried to keep it off, with him an orgasm felt even better, she wanted to go at the same time as Richie did. She held his shoulders and pulled him down on top of her, kissing him passionately, not wanting it to end again.

Richie's thrusts sped up as he kissed Sarah, he tried to keep it slow but with Sarah trembling underneath him he couldn't hold back either, her kiss made it even harder.

A few more thrusts and they both found their releas.

When they caught their breath, Richie rolled off of her and pulled her close next to him to hold and cuddle.

The next morning came much too soon.